always bring your own sunshine


who am i? well, i'm leila. i'm 23. i'm married. i'm a mom! scary.. he came early (dec. 27), and we named him david michael (oh, and he was not purposely named after michael johns and david cook. but if you ask taylor, she'll tell you he is. she told cookie about it too. lol). i have custody of my 3 year old goddaughter named allie. ummmmmmm. i like chocolate ice cream? but let's be serious now. i'm 23. i'm a college student, i'm a secretary. i'm a wife, i'm a mom. i love graphic design. i'm thinking of changing my major, actually. but that's a plan for another day. what do i want to be when i grow up? i want to be a mom. and a wife. and i want to be happy. and maybe, just maybe, i want to design invitations and announcements for a living.

graphic design. rp sites. shia labeouf. harry potter. gilmore girls. milo ventimiglia. chocolate in all shapes and forms. cooking. writing. singing. american idol. color. when things are organized. scrapbooking. stamping. photography. my family. my friends. lemonade. cranberries. chocolate chip cookies. ice cream.

the greatest friends i've ever had... all of which, i've never met. kinda weird. but yeah.
my hubby is on the list too. as is my goddaughter. and baby david michael.
oh, and have i mentioned that i want to marry milo ventimiglia shia labeouf? cause seriously.

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